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Founded in NYC in 2004, Stage MattersTM was created in response to the growing need within the concert community for a reliable source for towels.

Prior to 2004, promoters and production teams within the Metro area found great variability in the price, quality and reliability of towels; often having to rely on the venue or caterers to supply the towels.

This experience enlightened Stage Matters team to the unmet need of a towel vendor providing quality pre-washed towels on a regular and cost effective basis. As the team began to supply this towel service, venues, promoters, production teams and artists soon recognized the value of the offering.

Now after 14 years, the reliability of the service has led the team to the opportunity to supply towels for tours, one offs, concerts, sporting events and fashion shows.

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Thank you for visiting us at stagematters.com. Whether a prospective client or a returning customer, Stage Matters is committed to providing exceptional on-site service, premium quality pre-washed towels, and a nationally recognized network of dry cleaners and Laundromats for your teams benefit.

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